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What are some features and benefits of using the Solution Engineering Tool (SET™)?

  • Draws upon decades of experience in business-to-government (B2G)/business-to-business (B2B) client delivery, program management, opportunity/capture management, and proposal planning/development
  • Based on globally taught and proven Solution Engineering Framework™
  • Very affordable for companies with limited budgets
  • Easy to order and use online
  • Easily complements any existing business development, capture management, and proposal management processes
  • Built-in tutorials to support ease of use
  • Helps do the necessary “strategic thinking before writing” in the opportunity assessment, capture, and proposal planning phases of competitive federal, state, and local pursuits
  • Enables better decision-making, particularly at the executive level
  • Helps answer the most important question when pursuing a competitive government bid: “Why your company?”
  • Supports the design and development of the solution for your competitive response
  • Stores the rich context of how and why a deal was bid to increase overall company value over time
  • Captures company’s intellectual capital to enable future growth
  • Quantifies the growth status of your enterprise
  • Lowers the cost of capturing new business and protecting customer business you already have

How Flexible is SET?

The SET software is a hybrid business development, capture management, and proposal development tool with 61 distinct tools that can be either used end-to-end, piece-part, or in any combination to support your opportunity assessment, capture, and/or proposal planning and development efforts. It does not matter if your opportunity is a large single or multi-award contract year out or a fast two-week turnaround for a task order. SET is flexible enough to help you to easily do the necessary thinking that is essential to winning competitive bids and recompetes. Regardless of how you choose to use SET, it creates value for enterprises of all sizes.

Who are some key stakeholders that benefit from SET’s features?

C-Level Executives—Get 360-degree transparency and control over state-of-the-pursuit, cost avoidance, greater growth, and increased company value
Business Developer—Is better enabled to set the pursuit/capture manager up for success and win the deal
Pursuit/Capture Manager—Can more easily and confidently build the “blueprint” to win
Bid/Proposal Manager—Receives the “blueprint” to win versus trying to build it with inadequate customer and competitor context
Technical Lead/Program Manager—Is better positioned to provide customer offering/solution with greater benefits realization and risk mitigation
Subject Matter Experts—Are provided with right strategies and tools to optimize contribution of their expertise
Technical Writers—Are provided with all the essential components to write a compliant, convincing, and compelling response
THE CUSTOMER—Has traceable, irrefutable, defensible, and explainable justification to support contract award decision to your company. More important, receives better, faster, and less costly benefits realization and risk mitigation.
THE ENVIRONMENT—Is impacted less due to reduced travel for competitive pursuit team members. Plus, with the trend toward the hybrid workplace, overall employee work-life balance and morale are higher.